Wild's Playground

Party Etiquette

No two parties will have identical rules and etiquette but this guide will be a great preparation for Wild's Playground parties.

  • All attendees must be over 21 years of age
  • Illegal drug use, including marijuana, is not tolerated.
  • There is never any pressure or obligation to do anything you do not want to, voyeurs always welcome!
  • Absolutely NO watersports, scatology or blood play ever!
  • Be sure to eat and properly hydrate in advance if you plan to engage in any sort of BDSM Play.
  • Ask about the house rules if they are not clearly made available to you upon admittance, always respect these rules and ask for clarification where needed.
  • Do not interrupt the scenes of others. Do not walk or talk near their scenes.
  • Most places allow watching a scene in progress, however it is impolite to gawk and leer with sexual intent without the explicit consent of those involved in the scene.
  • If you experience a consent violation or witness something you believe to be patently unsafe, inform the hosts or venue employees.
  • Be sure to properly Negotiate before entering a Scene.
  • Do not borrow, touch or use the private equipment or human property of others without explicit permission from the owner.
  • Far be it from us to involve ourselves in the dynamics of others however, please keep in mind that WildsPlayGround, while a private event, is open to the public. For this reason anyone, at anytime, has the right to say NO regardless of any prearranged agreement between guests.
  • Clean up after yourself. Wipe down all equipment and furniture used after the scene concludes. Utilize trash receptacles as appropriate. Clean your personal items before using them on someone else.

Most Important! Enjoy yourself, make some new friends and have some wonderful experiences!